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MFW feb 2013 || Sfilata BLUMARINE

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OUTFIT || 3° giorno di MFW: pizzo e giallo senape!

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THE SHOW ItFB || Piega Perfetta con TEK e Nashi Argan

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EVENT || Presentazione Sergio Rossi alla Diamond Tower

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EVENT || Antonio Marras a La Rinascente

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THE SHOW ItFB || Esperienza "Smartbox" presso il Centro Medico Rigenera

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THE SHOW ItFB || Prova prodotti Wella al salone Extro

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MFW Feb 13 || Sfilata Blugirl + video

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MFW Feb 2013 || Party SUPER Le Rock

In Cruciani, Cruciani goes to America

MFW Feb 2013 || Presentazione CRUCIANI GOES TO AMERICA

In ASOS, Calzedonia

OUTFIT || Primo giorno di MFW: a righe!

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MFW Feb 2013 || by Elena Mirò - Sfilata e Backstage

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