Vintage Lab: VALENTINO - Miss V - yellow dress


Random post from my phone #1


OUTFIT || Coral Lips on a very easy look!

In Videoclip Stage,

The Red Carpet - "Everytime" VIDEO (Styled by me!)

In essence, GIVEAWAY

GIVEAWAY || "You Rock!" by Essence - THE WINNER!


NEWS || Yesterday pics on HYPEED!


Vintage Lab : Best Guests!

In EVENT, Giulia Ferrara

Vintage Lab - Portobello Girl: GIULIA

In EVENT, Marina Simonini

Vintage Lab - Portobello Girl: MARTINA

In Benedetta Mariotti, Wendy in Wonderland

Wendy in Wonderland Woman Collection

In essence, GIVEAWAY

(Beauty) GIVEAWAY || Essence "You Rock!" Collection *CHIUSO*

In The Luxury Packet Chewing-Gum,

Hermes Chewing gum!

In Vintage Lab,

Aperitivo Fashion @ Portobello Road Vintage Store 17.06.2011

In Benedetta Mariotti, Smile Industry

WtF*ck & Smile Industry MAN COLLECTION!


Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life PART 1

In Videoclip Stage,

The Red Carpet LIVE @ Baraonda 24 giugno 2011

In Emporio Armani, Ivano Marescotti

Stylist for Ivano Marescotti

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